I help men achieve improve their health, fitness and confidence without gimmicks, restrictive diets or hours in the gym.  I will partner with you to develop your own CUSTOMIZED health and wellness plan!

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About Ryan Parnham

I’m Ryan Parnham, a husband, father, nurse practitioner, Primal health coach and personal trainer. I help busy men improve their health, fitness, energy confidence.  I will work alongside you as you transform your body and your life so you have more energy and stamina to keep up with your family, work and whatever life throws at you. I use no gimmicks, just tried and true methods that lead to lasting changes.  I do not believe in drastic measures, as these are temporary, but rather help you gradually build better habits that add up to huge improvements over the long-run. If you are too tired, too fat and don’t have enough energy to keep up with life then reach out to me and lets get going!

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Latest Blog Posts

Metabolic Flexibility, Intermittent Fasting and the New England Journal of Medicine 

| ancestral, clean eating, epigenetics, evolutionary biology, health, health coach, intermittent fasting, keto, nutrition, time restricted feeding | No Comments

So, there’s is A LOT to unpack in this post but I’m going to tackle, yet again, the benefits of intermittent fasting, explain “metabolic flexibility” and share some highlights from…

My response to the “controversial” Peloton ad and “health shaming”

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By now, most of you have seen and heard about the so-called “controversial’ Peloton commercial that released on November 21st.  A brief summary (since most of you have likely seen…

Why everyone needs to consider strength training

| ancestral, evolutionary biology, exercise, fitness, health, health coach, primal | No Comments

When “strength training” comes up in conversation, oftentimes people conjure up images of freakish looking men and women wearing almost no clothes with biceps the size of most people’s thighs,…

Clean Keto: Achieving ketosis the healthy way.

| ancestral, clean eating, evolutionary biology, genetics, health, health coach, keto, nutrition, paleo, primal | 2 Comments

Keto.  Ketosis.  Ketogenic diet.  I’m keto.  He’s keto.  She’s keto.  Keto is healthy.  Keto will kill you.   Keto saved my life.  Keto made me feel awful.    Keto.  Love it?  Hate…

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