K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple…..silly).  I used “silly” because I don’t care much for the word “stupid” when referring to other people.  Our approach to health needs to be a simple approach and a simple approach is what we need for long term success.  For some reason our society has really complicated the whole notion of “getting in shape.”  Whether is 5:00 am “boot camp” style workout, counting weight watcher points, strict calorie counting or some sort of cult-like obligation to following a super structured workout program of so many miles per week or “X” number of workout per week.

The Primal lifestyle is really quite simple and a lifestyle that can be sustained forever.

The nutrition aspect to it is really quite simple–eat real food starting with lots of whole plant-based foods–basically unlimited veggies, certain fruits in moderation, followed by healthy protein sources and healthy fats.  Avoid processed foods, grains, sugar, high fructose corn-syrup.  Legumes are ok for some people.  Dairy is ok for some people (the full fat kind, preferably grass-fed and organic if at all possible).

See the Primal Bluprint Food Pyramid below.  Looks quite a bit different from our toxic USDA food pyramid!  This is from Mark Sisson at www.marksdailyapple.com  Be sure to check out his site for lots of useful information and motivational real-life transformation stories.  We will discuss Primal Movement and other topics on another post.  Please leave comments/questions below.


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