Breakfast–I don’t eat it everyday (see my post on intermittent fasting) but I usually do on the weekends.

Avoid all the destructive grains and be creative with breakfast ideas. I love eggs (yolk and all) and they are super nutritious and versatile. Here’s what I had today and it took all of about 5-10 minutes to make.

Omelette with 4 free range local eggs with grass fed cheese topped with “Organic Power Greens” from Costco that I sautéed in grassfed butter (Kerrygold)  I also put some sauerkraut on top for a good fermented prebiotic.  The omelette was cooked in coconut oil.  And, of course, I have Frank’s hot sauce on top.  I washed it all down with some kombucha (both pre and probiotics)

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  • angie says:

    What are your thoughts on beans?

    • Ryan Parnham says:

      I think beans can be part of a healthy eating plan if the individual person tolerates them. Beans do have “anti-nutrients” so proper preparation is vital to minimize these (such as soaking). Black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans are good. I would avoid anything soy for a number of reasons unless it is fermented then they might be ok.

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