Health Coaching Programs

My goal is to help simplify your path to healthy living. Learn more about the coaching options available below.

One Hour Macro Consultation $99

$ 99

60 minutes
  • One-on-one consultation via video (Zoom, FaceTime, etc)
  • I will work with you to help you set your macros based off your health goals (using MyFitnessPal)
  • I will provide you shopping lists and other helpful resources

Monthly Coaching $250/month

$ 250

Per Month
  • I will work with you one-on-one to help you build a customized wellness plan while I coach and hold you accountable
  • We can work on nutrition, training, sleep and much more
  • I can review your lab work and how it relates to your health
  • You have open access to me via text, email or whatever your preferred method of communication is
  • If interested, click below and we can set up a “discovery” call and chat for a few minutes to see if we are a good fit

Wellness Talk--contact me for price

$ 250

Per Hour
  • Virtual health talk with your employees
  • Can be a general wellness discussion (nutrition, fitness) or I can address a particular topic, such as “how to stay healthy and prevent illness” or “workplace fitness”
  • Contact me for price

Bloodwork / Risk Assessment

$ 150

Per Month
  • Custom bloodwork / labs by Precision Health Reports
  • 8 year diabetes risk assessment
  • Lipoprotein/Insulin Resistance (LP-IR) score calculated from fasting glucose and a very detailed lipid (cholesterol) panel
  • Price includes a 30 minute phone call with me to discuss results

Youth Athlete Training

$ 10

Per Month
  • App based, virtual training for your youth athlete using Trainerize
  • All bodyweight exercises programmed by me
  • All athletes are in the same group and follow the same programming
  • There is a message board where I can communicate, coach and encourage the athletes and they can do the same for each other